There are times when certain crimes do not present enough evidence to prosecute a particular individual for the offense. Whether because there aren’t any fingerprints at the scene or DNA left behind by the suspect, or because there are no witnesses to identify any suspects, not all crimes are as clear cut as some might imagine. And recently in Wisconsin, one particular unsolved crime has left police searching high and low for answers.

Attorney Carlos Gamino notes that police are asking locals for help to search for a suspect or suspects who may have stolen prescription medications after breaking into a parked vehicle. The incident dates back to March 15, when a Wisconsin police officer responded to a call for help at an assisted living residence in Wisconsin Rapids. The caller reported that someone had smashed the window of a vehicle in the parking lot and had taken prescription medications. The owners of the vehicle explained the medications were not visible, which could mean the suspect was aware that the owners were in possession of the meds.

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence to pin the crime on any one particular person, but if a suspect does emerge, they would be wise to consult with an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer. Not only would they be charged with breaking into the vehicle and causing damage to property, but they may also be charged with drug possession, depending on the type of prescription meds that were stolen.