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Everyone hGrowing Marijuana in Milwaukee - Attorney Carlos A Gaminoas something to say about the war on drugs, but the fact remains that no matter which side you’re on, it’s illegal to grow and sell marijuana in Wisconsin… at least for the time being. If you’ve been charged with growing marijuana, you’re going to need to talk to a Milwaukee drug crime lawyer who knows how to help.

Growing Pot is a Felony in Milwaukee

You may have done well in chemistry and biology, but growing marijuana will get you a big, fat F (as in felony). While individual convictions vary based on the amount, it’s considered manufacturing a controlled substance.

Every person convicted of a drug offense has to have their driver’s license suspended for at least six months but not more than five years; from there, things go downhill. You could spend time in prison for growing marijuana, and there are penalty enhancers that come into play if you intended to distribute it or if the offense occurs in a public housing project or near a park, a school or a handful of other places.

Is Marijuana Ever Going to Become Legal in Wisconsin?

There’s no way to tell whether pot will become legal for recreational use in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker passed a limited medical cannabis bill, but recent studies out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine suggest that brain alterations take place in casual marijuana smokers… and those studies may affect future legislation.

So what does that mean for you?

If you’ve been caught growing marijuana in Milwaukee, you’re going to need a lawyer who understands the most current laws. Whether you had a tiny plant on your windowsill or you were running a large farm, you can’t afford not to have a talented Milwaukee drug crime lawyer in your corner like Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño. Call (414) 383-6700 as soon as you can; you deserve to have your rights protected and to have someone looking out for you.