I Have Unpaid Parking Tickets in Milwaukee - Attorney Carlos Gamino

Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño is familiar with the Milwaukee and Waukesha court systems. While he’s not proud of his first-hand experience with parking tickets in Milwaukee, he has it… but who doesn’t?

Everybody gets a parking ticket now and then. It’s what you do with them afterward that counts (including learning from your mistakes and making sure that your bumper is behind the white line every time).

Stuffing them into your glove box and thinking, “I’ll get to that later” is almost always the wrong thing to do. In fact, you should take care of them as soon as possible; you only have 28 days to handle a parking ticket, and if you miss that window, you’re at risk of losing your driving privileges.

What Happens if I Have Unpaid Parking Tickets in Milwaukee?

The Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your car’s registration if you’ve gone 28 days without paying a parking ticket. What does that mean? It’s illegal to drive your car – and it could be towed at your expense. Not only will you have to pay the fines; you’ll also have to pay the towing and storage fees.

The DMV won’t let you renew any registrations, register other vehicles in your name or make any changes, either. You can’t even get replacement plates for any vehicle in your name if you have an unpaid parking ticket.

Don’t have the money? They’ll still get it. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue authorizes state agencies like the DMV to take money directly out of your tax refund through the Tax Refund Intercept Program.

The point? Don’t let your parking tickets pile up. There’s an address on the back of your ticket, so head home and make out your check. It’s just not worth the headache in the long run!

From one parallel parker to another,

Attorney Carlos A. Gamiño