Guns, Pictures and Students - Oh My - Carlos GaminoCarlos Gamino, a Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer who’s also a parent, is always up-to-date on issues affecting our kids – even when they happen in other states. Recent news stories about students taking photos with guns, whether they’re for yearbooks or social media, have stirred up quite a bit of talk online; here’s what Carlos has to say.

There have been a few stories in the news recently that have really caught my attention, including one about Nebraska high school students posing for senior pictures with guns and Massachusetts teens facing suspension after a picture of them in homecoming attire with AirSoft guns.

This isn’t a simple issue – and these two stories illustrate that perfectly. On one hand, Nebraska is fully supportive of kids embracing their hobbies, which can include hunting and sport shooting; on the other, Massachusetts doesn’t seem to want to see it, even when it’s simply on Facebook.

Is This Really a Controversy?

To some, this seems like a petty distraction from all of the very real issues facing our country right now.

It’s a valid question, though. Should students be allowed to be depicted holding legal firearms in a tasteful manner? The district in question has already said that it won’t entertain any ideas of students pointing the gun at cameras, for example. If they can, where is the line that some people want to draw?

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an organization that is no stranger to scandal itself, has asked for a copy of the yearbook for an anti-hunting time capsule they’re putting together.

What Do You Think?

If your child’s school was considering allowing students to use weapons as props in their senior photos, or if another student at your kids’ school was suspended over a homecoming photo with an AirSoft guns how would you feel? I’d love to hear what you think, either in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Carlos Gamino, Attorney