School Shootings - What's the Answer - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

It’s starting to seem as if you can’t turn on the TV without hearing about a school shooting or other violent act involving kids. In fact, there have been more than 50 shootings at K-12 schools across the country since the beginning of 2013.

We’re coming up on the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – it’s this December 14 – and still, nobody has the answer to stopping this kind of danger for our kids.

The Safe School Initiative

The U.S. government put out a report, the “Safe School Initiative,” that attempted to define the types of children who perpetrate these crimes. However, as it turns out, the characteristics that fit the school shooters are strikingly similar to the characteristics of nearly every other child.

In an attempt to narrow down a profile, researchers discovered that “there is no accurate or useful ‘profile’ of students who engaged in targeted school violence. However, the report did say:

  • Most attackers engaged in some type of behavior prior to the incident that indicated a need for help
  • Most attackers showed difficulty coping with significant losses and personal failures
  • Many attackers had considered or attempted suicide
  • Many attackers felt bullied, persecuted or injured
  • Most had access to and experience using weapons

While the report goes into extensive detail, it still doesn’t come up with a concrete solution to prevent our kids from being in danger while they are in school.

The FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Education are trying to work together to develop resolutions, but so far, nobody has anything to offer.

What Do You Think?

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Carlos Gamino