No Sex With Students - New York Investigates a Scandalous Cover-Up - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

A former student of William Cullen Bryant High School in Queens has accused her former assistant principal of having an ongoing sexual relationship with her – and she says that the school’s principal covered up the affair.

While it seems like the last several years have seen a rash of inappropriate teacher-student relationships, including a handful in Florida, Pennsylvania and Utah, right now authorities are investigating this one in New York, which involves a same-sex relationship between an assistant principal and a former student.

How Did the Scandal Come Out?

A gym teacher at the school, who says he was punished for being a whistleblower, started a closed Facebook group called “Things You Never Knew About Bryant High School,” where the student confessed.

The age of consent in New York is 17; according to the student, who came clean via Facebook, she was 17 when the relationship began.

Former vice principal Pelagia Papoutsis, who goes by the nickname “Pelly,” was promoted to the position (and received a nearly $23,000 salary boost) in 2014. According to the student, who is now an adult and attending college, the principal of the school knew about the affair and did nothing.

Another school staffer told colleagues that Papoutsis called the student “the girl of my dreams.”

Are There Things Like This Going on in Our Kids’ Schools?

I don’t know if it’s simply that these things are more widely publicized than they were before or if teacher-student relationships are on the rise, but as a parent, it’s scary.

There have been a few investigations in Wisconsin, though.

What do you think? Are these inappropriate relationships on the rise, or are we just hearing about them more – and are our kids at risk?

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