Terror Attack in Nice, France - Attorney Carlos Gamino, WisconsinBy Carlos Gamino

Nobody wants to call this the “new normal,” but it seems that every few weeks, there’s a massive terror attack that takes place on our allies’ soil.

Are we really doing all we can to win the war on terror?

Will we be next?

What is the War on Terror”?

War on terror is a bit of a confusing term. Naturally, nobody wants terror to win… but what does the enemy look like?

The truth is that terror is an invisible enemy. You can’t physically see it, outside of uncovering terrorist plots or watching the carnage after an explosion or mass shooting.

While the U.S. is gaining ground against ISIS (there are plenty of U.S.-led drone attacks killing suspected terrorists every day), they’re still conducting offensives against us and our allies—including the most recent terror attack in Nice, France, in which dozens of innocent civilians were killed and hundreds more were injured.

How Do We Win the War on Terror?

The million-dollar question: how do we win this “war on terror”?

Some experts say it’s unwinnable—and the only way to actually defeat crazed jihadists who want nothing more than the west to collapse in flames is to wait them out and hope they’re able to learn to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

Others, including a presidential candidate, feel that we should violate the Geneva Convention and a number of international laws to bring back waterboarding, torture the families of suspected religious extremists, and detain people indefinitely without trial.

What Do You Think?

Everyone has ideas on what the U.S. could be doing to win the War on Terror, so I’d love to hear yours. Feel free to share them on my Facebook page or join the discussion on Twitter!

Carlos Gamino