Masked Criminal Evades Law Enforcement for 5 Months - Carlos Gamino, Milwaukee LawyerBy Carlos Gamino

If you’ve ever seen the movie Bad Grandpa or any of the Jackass series of films, you know that funnyman Johnny Knoxville really knows how to dress up as an older gentleman—and how to fool just about everyone while he’s at it.

But it’s all a little far-fetched, isn’t it? Could a disguise like that really throw people off for more than a few minutes?

Apparently, it can.

Just ask Shaun Miller, a 31-year-old Massachusetts native who posed as a grandpa for five months to evade law enforcement officials.

It turns out that the man was a heroin distributor for a street gang on Cape Cod—at least according to his indictment—and that federal agents didn’t suspect him, even after staking out his mom’s home for weeks.

Finally, one of the officers noticed something suspicious about Miller’s eyes; then the officer noticed that the man was lugging around $10,000 in cash. Agents pulled off the disguise, and the rest was history.

A neighbor said, “I think it was pretty clever. I’ve never seen something like that before.”

Authorities say that Miller wore a molded mask, and nobody suspected a thing. After agents raided the home at which Miller was arrested, they found almost $30,000 and a number of weapons.

The mask was amazing—far better than this guy’s or this guy’s—leading some of Miller’s neighbors to believe he should stop focusing his effort on crime and start focusing it on Hollywood.

What Do You Think?

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Carlos Gamino