Human Waste Dropping From India's Skies - Carlos Gamino, Milwaukee LawyerBy Carlos Gamino

How would you like to live on a flight path near Delhi, India?

If you have any common sense, you wouldn’t like it at all… because planes seem to be dumping the human waste stored in their tanks over residential neighborhoods.

Ordinarily, planes dispose of the human waste that accumulates during flights after they land. However, that’s not necessarily happening in Delhi.

According to a lawsuit filed by a retired Indian army officer, the walls and floors of his terrace are “splattered with large patches of excreta dumped by aircraft flying in front of the airport.”

This isn’t exactly a new issue, either, although Indian aviation professionals claim that the only reason a plane would dump its waste tanks would be due to an emergency.

A woman in Madhya Pradesh, also in India, claims to have been hit by a football-sized chunk of frozen excrement that fell from a plane. She sustained a serious shoulder injury, and eyewitnesses said the only reason the unfortunate woman wasn’t killed was that the ice hit a roof before it hit her. (That would’ve been a really crappy way to go, right?)

The Indian government insists that any planes found to purposely dump sewage over residential areas will be subjected to a 50,000-rupee fine (that equals about $737).

The deluge of dung isn’t confined to India, though.

Another incident hit the fan in Wiltshire, in the UK, when frozen excrement smashed through the roof of an elderly couple’s home.

In Pennsylvania, a girl’s Sweet 16 was hit by a real party pooper: a plane let loose its waste tanks during her party, splashing excrement down on guests.

These fly-by droppings have happened in New York, New Zealand, and England, too.

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