5 Best Places for Lawyers to Retire - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

If you’re thinking about retirement (and most of us are, even if it’s 30 years down the road), you’re probably wondering where an old attorney should hang his hat.

Fortunately, the best places for lawyers to retire in the U.S. are all amazing. (The best places to retire outside the U.S. are equally amazing, but that’s another post!)

5 Best Places for Lawyers to Retire in the U.S.

  1. Abilene, Texas

No, really—Texas. Abilene has a busy economy, and the cost of living is about 17 percent below the national average. The median home price there is $156,000, there are plenty of doctors, and it has a high rank on the Milken Institute List of best cities for successful aging… and it’s warm.

  1. Athens, Georgia

Just 70 miles outside of Atlanta, the cost of living in Athens is about average. It has a low serious crime rate, and it’s exceptionally walkable. Plenty of golf, too, and their taxes are retiree-friendly.

  1. Bluffton, South Carolina

Outside Hilton Head and a little northeast of Savannah, Georgia, Bluffton has good air quality, a low serious crime rate, and a decent tax climate for retirees. The cost of living is about 7 percent higher than the national average in Bluffton, but you’re close to the beach—and you’re almost always warm.

  1. Cape Coral, Florida

Don’t let the fact that Cape Coral is located in Florida deter you. With a strong economy, a relatively low cost of living, and good air quality, this city of 166,000 people might be the right place for you after you’re done with courtrooms.

  1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nobody’s going to judge you if you have personal reasons for moving to Colorado Springs (cough, cough). This densely populated city has an above-average Milken aging rank, good air quality, and a strong economy with an average cost of living.

What Do You Think?

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