Two Scorpions in a Month on United Airlines - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

If United Airlines ever needed to catch a break, it would be now.

Unfortunately, it’s not working out that way.

In mid-May, a scorpion (the second one in a month, actually) delayed takeoff on a flight from Houston to Ecuador. The creepy critter crawled out of a sleeping man’s sleeve, and another passenger saw it crawl under the seat (at least something fits beneath the seats, I guess).

Paramedics examined the man at the gate and determined that he hadn’t been stung—but the last passenger to encounter a scorpion on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Calgary wasn’t so lucky. In that incident, a scorpion fell from the overhead bin while the man, Richard Bell, was eating. It fell into his hair, and when he pulled it out, another passenger told him it was dangerous.

“So I dropped it on my plate and then I went to pick it up again, and that’s when it stung me,” Bell said. “It got my nail, mostly.” The sting wasn’t life-threatening; Bell described it as feeling like a wasp sting. After it stung him, yet another passenger stomped on it and flushed it down the aircraft’s toilet.

The first scorpion incident didn’t get all the attention it deserved, though—it happened the same day a Chicago doctor was dragged from another flight for refusing to give up his seat for United Airlines crewmembers.

What Do You Think?

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Carlos Gamino