Woman in T. Rex Costume Scares Horses - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

We’ve all seen hilarious videos of people wearing T. Rex costumes and performing everyday activities, including gym workouts, riding motorcycles and skateboarding, and participating in the American Ninja Warrior Competition.

But one woman took it way too far—and now she’s been accused of a crime.

The Charleston, South Carolina police department reported that the woman, who was wearing a T. Rex costume on the street, stopped her stroll to growl at a pair of horses pulling a carriage.

“This spooked the horses and they began backing up. The carriage then struck an unoccupied vehicle and caused minor damage to its bumper,” said Charles Francis, the Charleston Police Department’s spokesman.

The carriage’s driver was also hurt. He was thrown from the carriage, and one of the wheels ran over his leg, breaking his foot. He says that he yelled at the woman to “get out of here” several times before she actually spooked the horses.

The horses weren’t injured, and neither were the carriage’s passengers.

Proud of the way his horses reacted, the driver said, “Perhaps she did not realize what a threat that appeared to be to my animals, but they responded remarkably well. Any animal, you included, are entitled to your flight response, the key is how quickly do you come back under control. If I throw a snake on you and you jump, you’re entitled to that, but if you can come back and get in control really quickly, that’s the key to emotional control and both of the animals demonstrated that.”

After spooking the horses, the woman ran to a parking garage and drove away. She turned herself in the following morning, though, and faced charges of disorderly conduct and for violating laws that prohibit wearing a mask or disguise in public.

What Do You Think?

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Carlos Gamino