By Carlos Gamino

On the American Idol season premiere, judge Katy Perry kissed a contestant – and some people are extremely upset about it.

It might be worth noting that neither Perry or the man she kissed, contestant Benjamin Glaze, are upset about it, though.

Here’s what happened: the judges were questioning Glaze, and one asked if he’d “kissed a girl and liked it,” a play on an old Katy Perry song. Glaze replied that he couldn’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship; Perry asked him to approach the judges, where she asked Glaze to kiss her on the cheek. Glaze did, and Perry asked for another – but the second time, she turned her face so he kissed her on the lips.

Later, in an interview with The New York Times, Glaze said the kiss made him uncomfortable.

That outraged a significant number of viewers, who took to Twitter to condemn Perry.

Glaze, however, clarified on Instagram that he wasn’t upset, saying, “I am not complaining about the kiss from Katy Perry at all, doing a few news reports and being interviewed by many different reporters has caused some major questions. The way certain articles are worded is not done by me, and my true intentions are not accurately represented in every article you read about the situation. I am not complaining about the kiss.”

He also clarified that he was only “uncomfortable” about the kiss because it was his first kiss – and he wasn’t expecting it.

Twitter didn’t agree.

What Do You Think?

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Carlos Gamino