By Carlos Gamino

Ever wonder what Wisconsin’s news looked like more than a century ago? Thanks to, we can see what was widely reported during that time – crime, society and politics, all rolled neatly into dozens of newspapers that were widely distributed around the city.

Check out some of the most interesting finds we dug up using this time-machine of a website.

Notice That All Able-Bodied Males Can Be Called to Military Duty, March 1847







A Woman Indicts Her Paramour, Who Fled the City in March 1851









Connaughty and McDonald Found Guilty of Murder, June 1852








Death Penalty Abolished in Wisconsin, July 1853






Lincoln’s Assasination, April 1865









Gold Discovered in Northern Wisconsin, April 1880









Statistics of People in Mental Institutions, May 1890









Police Officers Start Getting a Salary, December 1900









Forest Fires Rage Across Wisconsin, October 1908









Congress Decides on World War I, April 1917









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Carlos Gamino