Disneyland Hotel Sued Over Bedbugs - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

When you go to Disneyland, the only bugs you expect to see are characters – like Twitch from Toy Story or the cast from A Bug’s Life.

But apparently that’s not all Ivy Eldridge saw. According to a lawsuit she filed against Anaheim’s Disneyland Hotel, she suffered physical and emotional damage from a bedbug infestation while she was on vacation. Eldridge says she needed extensive medical treatment after her visit, which led her to name Walt Disney Co. and Disney Parks and Resorts in the suit as well.

Her attorney, Brian Virag, runs My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc.

Virag said, “People put trust in the Disney name and pay top dollar to stay at Disneyland Hotel. In this case, Ms. Eldridge’s trust was betrayed. This was not a situation where a person sustained one or two bites. Ms. Eldridge was bitten throughout her body, including, but not limited to her face, ears, neck, arms, and back. She was absolutely butchered.”

Disneyland’s spokesperson wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit specifically, but did say, “We welcome millions of guests at our hotels and these occurrences are extremely rare. We take extensive preventative measures so that our guests are comfortable and safe during their hotel stays, and when needed, take aggressive steps to rectify.”

Eldridge is seeking damages in the suit.

Virag focuses on bedbug cases all over California. He reportedly won a $3.5 million case against an apartment complex in Los Angeles in 2017, and he also won a $546,000 verdict against a Hilton hotel located in Rancho Cucamonga.

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Carlos Gamino