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Facebook is in the news again after multiple scandals throughout 2018 (including the one where hackers pulled out data for more than 30 million users). In mid-December, Facebook admitted that an error in its code allowed several third-party apps access to users’ photos – including those that they never posted on social media. In most cases, apps are only allowed to access photos users have put on Facebook, but this time, personal photos that never made it to your social media pages could have fallen into app developers’ hands.

The bug was active between September 13 and September 25, but Facebook didn’t notify the public until it started an investigation to figure out what happened and how many users were affected.

Facebook says that up to 6.8 million people’s photos were potentially affected.

How to Find Out if Your Photos Were Compromised

Facebook will tell you if your photos may have been compromised if you visit this link while you’re logged in to the site.

Facebook’s statement reads, “We recently found and fixed an issue that may have affected some of the apps you’ve connected to Facebook. You previously gave these apps permission to access your photos on Facebook. Normally, Facebook shares photos that you have posted on your timeline to these apps, but a bug occurred between September 13 and 25, 2018, which gave developers access to other photos, such as those you may have posted to your Facebook Stories or initially uploaded but didn’t post.”

The social media giant also recommends logging into any apps you’ve given permission to access your photos and see if you can tell what photos they have access to.

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