Criminals Who Could’ve Done Better - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we sometimes enjoy digging up the craziest criminal cases we can find – and this month, we have quite a few.

ATMs and Physics

A pair of Texas thieves backed a pickup truck into a courthouse’s glass front to try to steal an ATM. They jumped out of the truck, secured the ATM with a ratchet strap, and succeeded… in pulling off the front panel. But don’t worry – one would-be thief got locked out of the truck and had to jump in its bed for the getaway. They were caught a few days later. (The video is priceless.)

That Guy Threw a Brick

Two Chinese suspects tried to break into a business by throwing bricks through the window – but when the second suspect took aim, his buddy walked into the line of fire. Would-be Burglar #1 hit the dirt hard, and his friend had to drag him away from the scene of the crime. Check out the video from CBS New York here.

That’s Why They Call Manchester “The Windy City”

The last thing a robber expects is to lose all the cash he just stole – but that’s exactly what happened in Manchester, England. After a pair of thieves robbed a travel agency and stuffed the cash down their pants, a few gusts of wind snatched almost all of it away. You can see the video here.

What Would You Do for a Million Gumballs?

A Sacramento man – henceforth known as the Gumball Bandit – broke into an animal shelter in the city to steal a gumball machine. He couldn’t get out the door, though, so he tried to smash it with the gumball machine itself. The gumballs ended up all over the floor, so he tried to steal the quarters – but he couldn’t do that, either; instead, he slipped and fell on the gumballs a couple of times before he realized that the shelter had a back door. Check out the video here.

Thief Gets Stuck on Fence… Twice in One Night

A man trying to steal beer and energy drinks almost got away with it – but he dropped his take when he got caught on the fence out back. He hung there, upside-down for several hours, until a passerby helped him down. Then, he went back into the store for more. He still never figured out how to get over a fence – he got stuck again, and while he was busy trying to take off his pants, the people in the store called the police. You can see the video here.

What Do You Think?

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Carlos Gamino