Ready to Look for Bigfoot - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

Jose Canseco is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial former baseball players in American history.

And now he wants to take you Bigfoot hunting.

Canseco is offering his fans an opportunity to “Go on a Bigfoot and alien excursion” with him, according to a couple of his most recent tweets. If you call the number Canseco provided, here’s the text message you’ll get:

“Spend the weekend with Jose for $5000 cash. Only 5 lucky individuals will get a golden ticket. Oompa loompas ain’t got nothing on Bigfoot. Travel in his custom RV to authentic alien sightings and proven Bigfoot habitats. Camp out in the wild. Tell stories and maybe meet a real Bigfoot. You never know what’s gonna happen with Mr. Canseco. (Food included) Only serious inquiries please. I will help you book your flights to Vegas and set itineraries. Thank you. Morgan”

This isn’t Canseco’s first foray into the wild. He’s made plenty of outrageous statements about aliens and other stuff – including saying that his middle finger once fell off during a poker game and that he intended to live as a woman for a week to help him understand Caitlyn Jenner better.

Canseco isn’t the only person in the world – far from it – who believes in Bigfoot. In fact, interest in the big fella just won’t die (although if just one Bigfoot would die, we’d have some concrete evidence). There’s a woman in Pittsburgh who routinely gives Bigfoot conferences and goes on deep-woods searches with other searchers; Native American tribes from the Pacific Northwest brought forward centuries-old tales of Bigfoot; and dozens of “Bigfoot Clubs” have sprung up across the U.S. where members share stories of sightings and go hunting together.

People really seem to want to believe – but why?

“Some people see these cryptohominids as symbols of pure freedom, living by instinct and foiling every effort to pin them down. To search for Bigfoot in the forest is to taste that freedom,” says Ben Crair in Smithsonian Magazine. “On the trail, you become extra-attuned to nature: the smell of scat, the sounds of breaking branches, the curious impressions in the dirt. As long as there are wild places in America, Bigfoot remains a possibility that, to its most ardent proponents, cannot be disproved.”

What Do You Think?

Would you go Bigfoot-hunting with Jose Canseco, or do you think it’s just a ridiculous publicity stunt? I’d love to hear what you think, so please share your thoughts on my Facebook page or on Twitter.

Carlos Gamino