Weird News From February 2019 - Carlos GaminoBy Carlos Gamino

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that there are two things we love diving into occasionally: Dumb criminal stories and weird news.

These are the strangest news stories we’ve found this month.

There’s a Tinder-Like App to Make Livestock Love Matches

Tudder – a new app that emulates the dating app Tinder – exists for one purpose: To help British farmers make love connections for their livestock. The app provides information like milk yield, protein content and calving potential, and farmers can swipe left or right. Our verdict: It’s udderly genius.

Grandma Chases Off Thieves With Child’s Scooter

A grandmother from Texas City, Texas (yes, it’s a real place) picked up her granddaughter’s scooter to defend herself and her husband from a couple of machete-wielding maniacs in early February. The men were trying to rob them when Grandma Aretha Cardinal picked up the scooter and struck one of the would-be thieves in the head, then chased his car down the street and smashed his window with it.

Man Smashes Window to Attack Obama Mannequin

A Harlem man was arrested for smashing a store window at Romantic Depot on Broadway. He tossed a cinderblock through the window because he didn’t like one of the shop’s 18 mannequins – one that resembled former president Barack Obama. The shop also features mannequins that look like current president Donald Trump and Santa Claus.

WWI Grenade Found Among Potatoes at Chip Factory

A German-made grenade from World War I popped up in a batch of potatoes at a Hong Kong-based potato chip factory in early February. It was caked with mud after being imported from France with bushels of potatoes. Authorities said it had been previously discharged but failed to detonate, so they used what they called a “high-pressure water firing technique” to detonate it more than a century after it should’ve exploded.

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